Clan MacMillan International

Clan MacMillan International

CTS officers, charter members & companions.

This information was originally prepared by Blanche McMillan, Abbot of CTS, who has revised and updated it to 30 November 2014. If there are any corrections that need to be made, please contact Blanche directly at 5364 Salem Road, Burlington, ON, L7L 3X3 Canada, 905-637-3395 or email.


Patron: George Gordon MacMillan of MacMillan & Knap, Chief of Clan MacMillan, Finlaystone, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Abbot: Blanche McMillan; Burlington, ON, Canada.
Scribe: Rev. J. David MacMillan; Washington, DC, USA.
Chaplain: Rev. Christopher W. McMullen; Saint John, NB, Canada.
Almoner: Anne H. Neuman; Stouffville, ON, Canada

Chapter Members

Robert G. Bell; Greensboro, NC, USA (Appalachian Branch of Clan MacMillan)
Andrew Macmillan; New York City, NY, USA (Northeast Branch of Clan MacMillan)
John B. McMillan; Burlington, ON, Canada (Clan MacMillan Society of North America)
Margaret Pool; Auckland, New Zealand (Clan MacMillan Society of New Zealand)
June Senior; Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia (Clan MacMillan Society of Australia)

Companions with date and place of 26 investitures:

1995, Chautauqua Institute, Chautauqua, NY, USA, 10 Sept

Companions Founder
The Rev. Canon A. Malcolm MacMillan, CTS; Bethlehem, PA, USA
Abbot Emeritus (1998 Banner Elk, NC. USA) honoris causa (2000 Whithorn, Scotland) (died 9 September 2008 aged 87)

Companions Honoris Causa
Edward Bellamy McMillan; Marblehead, MA, USA (died 1 May 1999 age 89)
The Rev. Christopher W. McMullen; Chaplain CTS; Saint John, NB, Canada
W. Dugal MacMillan; St. Catharines, ON, Canada
Robert Gladstone Bell; Greensboro, NC, USA
John B. McMillan; Burlington, ON, Canada

Companions Regular
Sarah Mark MacMillan; Bethlehem, PA, USA (died 1 March 1999 age 76)
Dr. Alexander M. MacMillan; Somerville, MA, USA
Lynn Jean Taylor-MacMillan; Dedham, MA, USA Lisa MacMillan; Boston, MA, USA
The Rev. J. David MacMillan; Washington, DC, USA
Merrilee Harrigan-MacMillan; Washington, DC, USA
Elizabeth MacMillan Miller; Bethlehem, PA, USA
Terry Miller; Bethlehem, PA, USA
Andrew Macmillan; New York City, NY, USA
Kitty Lunn Macmillan; New York City, NY, USA
Robert H. McMillan, Jr.; Tifton, GA, USA (died 18 June 2004 age 92)
Fitten Lamar McMillin, Sr., M.D.; Vicksburg, MS, USA (died 8 October 1997 age 90)

Companions Posthumous
The Rev. Somerled MacMillan; Cumbernauld, Scotland; honoris causa.
Proxy: Sybil MacMillan Barbour, (daughter of Somerled)
Dr. James G. McMillan, Sr.; Jasper. TN, USA; honoris causa.
Proxy: Willie Logan McMillan, (wife of Dr. James)
Claudia Evelyn Howard McMillin, Little Rock, AL, USA; regular.
Proxy: Fittin Lamar McMillin, Jr., MD (son of Claudia)

1995, Chapel Tent, Stone Mountain HG, Stone Mountain, GA,15 Oct

Companions Honoris Causa

James W. Bell; Live Oak, FL, USA. (Chief and Abbot not present. Re-invested 1998 Banner Elk, NC, USA)

1996, Dunkeld Cathedral, Dunkeld, Scotland, 7 Sept

Companions Honoris Causa
Blanche Marshall McMillan, Abbot CTS; Burlington, ON, Canada
Elsie MacMillan; Cornwall, ON, Canada. (died 27 February 2001 age 88)
Nigel Stuart Cameron Macmillan; Clarkston, Glasgow, Scotland
George Edward McMillan; Jasper, TN, USA

Companions Regular
Fitten Lamar McMillin, Jr., M.D.; Vicksburg, MS, USA
Carol Lee McMillin; Vicksburg, MS, USA

1996, Under John Knox Tree, Finlaystone, Renfrewshire, Scotland, 15 Sept

Companions Honoris Causa
Susan Hislop Bell; Greensboro, NC, USA
Margaret Pool; Whangaparoa, Auckland, New Zealand

Companions Regular
Alexander R. Macmillan; Milngavie, Glasgow, Scotland (died 20 November 2004 age 82)
William (Bill) John Vineyard; Wortham, TX, USA (died 16 October 2002)
Jocelyn (Jai) Vineyard; Wortham, TX, USA

1997, St. Andrew’s United Church, Williamstown, ON, Canada, 27 July

Companions Regular
Hazel MacMillan Huckvale; Williams Lake, BC, Canada (died 26 August 2006 aged 93)
Niall Gordon Macmillan; Eaglesham, Glasgow, Scotland
Eleanor Woodward Mincher; Spanish Fort, AL, USA
Robert F. Cutter; Lima, OH, USA (died 11 January 2005 aged 79)

Companions Posthumous
Edwin McMillan; Etobicoke, Toronto, ON, Canada, honoris causa. Proxy: Helen Morrison McMillan [wife of Edwin]
Lt. Col. Allister Miles Macmillan PhD ; Wolfville, NS, Canada honoris causa. Proxy: Hugh P. MacMillan

1997, Galbraith’s, Auckland, North Island, New Zealand, 20 Oct

Companions Regular
Kirsty Ann Bell Hunter; Frankton, Hamilton, New Zealand

1997, UK Settler’s Association Residence, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia, 2 Nov

Companions Honoris Causa
June Senior; Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia

1998, Banner Elk Presbyterian Church, Banner Elk, NC, USA, 10 July

Proclaimed Abbot Emeritus
CTS founder The Rev. Canon A. Malcolm MacMillan, CTS; Bethlehem, PA, USA

Companions Honoris Causa
Andrew McMillan; Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA

Companions Regular
J. Connall Bell; Pasadena, CA, USA
Hamish Gladstone Bell; Vero Beach, FL, USA
Logan Hislop Bell; Greensboro, NC, USA
Dr. Charles Duncan McMillan; Paris TX, USA (died 9 October 2003 age 80)
Janet (Nette) Macmillan; Clarkston, Glasgow, Scotland (died 28 April 2009 aged 91)
Joan A. McMillin; Anaheim, CA, USA John L. McMullen; Belleair, FL, USA (died 8 July 2008)
Paul M. McMullen; Clearwater, FL, USA

1999, Assembly Hall, Lake Tiak-O’Khata, Louisville, MS, USA, 15 Aug

Companions Regular
Ralph B. Conn; Newport Beach, CA, USA (died 15 November 2010 aged 85)
Rowene MacMillan Conn; Newport Beach, CA, USA
Wallace Thayer MacMillan; Berkley, CA, USA (died 17 March 2006 aged 93)
Ethel Elizabeth Miller MacMillan; Berkley, CA, USA (died 19 April 2010 aged 95)
Patricia McMillan Hammond; Roswell, GA, USA
Barry Wilmore McMillen; Buenos Aires, Argentina (died 14 July 2012 aged 70)
Rev. Bruce Dodson McMillin; Holly Springs, MS, USA
Ashley Elizabeth McMillin Moomaw; Madison MS, USA
David Lamar McMillin; Dallas, TX, USA
Stephen Lee McMillin; Vicksburg, MS, USA
George L. McMillin Jr.; Vicksburg, MS, USA
John Arnell McMillin; Ooltewah, TN, USA
John S. Whitehead, M.D.; Birmingham, AL, USA (died 5 May 2011)
Patricia M. Whitehead; Birmingham, AL, USA

2000, Poplar Tent Presbyterian Church, Concord, NC, USA, 14 April

Companions Honoris Causa
Emily McMullen Williams; Culpeper, VA, USA Willie Logan McMillan; Jasper, TN, USA (died 13 February 2013)
Rhonda Ann McMillen Kemp; Franklin, TN, USA Robert James White; Garner, NC, USA

2000, St Ninian’s Priory, Whithorn, Wigtownshire, Scotland, 22 June

Companions Honoris Causa
The Rev. Canon A. Malcolm MacMillan, CTS; Bethlehem, PA, USA

2001, Trinity Episcopal Church, Bethlehem, PA, USA, 20 May

Companions Regular
Jean Macmillan Bennion; Whitefield, NH, USA

St. John's Presbyterian Church, Belfast, PEI, Canada, 2001

Companions Regular
William Stanley (Stan) McMillan; Canajoharie, NY, USA
Frank Martin MacMillan; Halifax, NS, Canada (died 17 May 2006)

2001, St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, Judique, Cape Breton Island, NS, Canada, 12 Aug

Companions Honoris Causa
John Francis [Lofty] MacMillan; Campbellton, NB, Canada (died 15 January 2006 aged 88)
Clara I. [Rivard] MacMillan; Vancouver, B.C., Canada

2002, Iona Abbey, Isle of Iona, Argyllshire, Scotland, 30 June

Companions Honoris Causa
Charles W. Mullen (in absentia); Phoenix, AZ, USA

Companions Regular
Brigadier Alistair H.M. Macmillan, QHP; Howwood, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Phillip Carl McMillan; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Adhania MacMullen Olson; Carnation, WA, USA (died 1 May 2009 aged 69)
Michael A. Fitch; Bethlehem, PA, USA
Sharon West Stoneman; Roanoke, VA, USA
Virginia Kaye West; Roanoke, VA, USA
Captain Duncan D. McMillan CD; London, ON, Canada
Ian Harrigan MacMillan; Washington, DC, USA
Dr. Patricia McCormick Dwyer MacMillan; Bethlehem, PA, USA
Glenn O. MacMillen; Pulaski, New York, USA (in absentia; re-invested 2005 Kintyre, West Elgin, ON, Canada)
Flower Donna Clark MacMillen; Pulaski, New York, USA (in absentia; re-invested 2005 Kintyre, West Elgin, ON, Canada)
Julia Mullikin Batchelor; Nashville, NC, USA (in absentia; re-invested 2007 Christ Episcopal Church, Greenville, SC, USA)
Donald McMillen; Pontiac, MI, USA
James O. Huff (in absentia); Raymond, WA, USA
Morgan Stanley Mullins; Yorba Linda, CA, USA (in absentia; re-invested 2008 Ontario, CA, USA)
Ralph K. MacMillan; Van Nuys, CA, USA (in absentia; re-invested 2008 Ontario, CA, USA)

Companions Posthumous
General Sir Gordon H.A. MacMillan 1897-1986. Proxy: George Gordon MacMillan of MacMillan and Knap, Chief of Clan MacMillan Lady MacMillan [Marian Blakiston-Houston] 1905-1991. Proxy: George Gordon MacMillan of MacMillan and Knap, Chief of Clan MacMillan

2002, Marquee in walled garden, Finlaystone, Renfrewshire, Scotland, 7 July

Companions Regular
Linda Ann Cooke; Acton, CA, USA
Judith A. Young; Alpine, CA, USA
H. F. (Fred) Young; Alpine CA, USA

Companions Posthumous
Major William Cameron Macmillan, Scotland, honoris causa. Proxy: N. Gordon Macmillan, (grandson of Major W. Cameron)

2003, James Memorial Chapel, Union Theological Seminary, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA, 16 Aug

Companions Regular
Lillian Wark DeGiacomo; Barnard (now of Cavendish), VT, USA

2005, Knox Presbyterian Church, Kintyre, West Elgin, ON, Canada, 14 Aug

Companions Regular
Rev. Andrew Keith Moore; Burns, WY, USA (in absentia)
Roderick Neil Johnson; Roseville, MN, USA
Dr. Susan Macmillan Kains; Hingham, MA, USA
Thompson A. (Chip) Terrell IV; Dawsonville, GA, USA
Deborah D. Terrell; Dawsonville, GA, USA

2005, Great Hall, University of Western Ontario, London, ON, Canada, 18 Aug

Companions Regular
Jane M. Strauss; Northport, ME, USA

2007, Christ Episcopal Church, Greenville, SC, USA, 8 June

Companions Honoris Causa
Beverly Pottle Bell; Live Oak, FL, USA

Companions Regular
Heidi Brosse Bell; Jackson, AL, USA
Christopher Hart Kemp; Franklin, TN, USA
Nelson Smith Gwinn III M.D.; Dothan, AL, USA
Nelson Jonathan Smith Gwinn; Dothan, AL, USA Patrick Shawn McMillan; Greensboro, NC, USA
Robert Leroy Jones; Dahlonega, GA, USA
Stuart Cameron Owens, M.D.; Mount Pleasant, SC, USA
Mary Joan Baxter Owens; Mount Pleasant, SC, USA

2008, First United Methodist Church, Ontario, CA, USA, 6 Aug

Companions Honoris Causa
Col. Douglas Burgoyne MacMullen; Sherman Oaks, CA, USA (died 11 January 2009 aged 89).
Proxy: Duncan D. McMillan
Hugh Pearson MacMillan; Ottawa, ON, Canada (died July 2012 aged 88)
Proxy: John B. McMillan

Companions Regular
Jack L. Baxter; Sherman Oaks, CA, USA (died 18 May 2010 aged 91)
Sunday Dawn Robinson; Vittoria, ON, Canada
Roy Wainwright; York, PA, USA

2009, Kilmory Chapel, Knapdale, Argyllshire, Scotland, 28 July

Companions Honoris Causa
Sir Graham Macmillan; Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England (died 17 March 2010 aged 90)

Companions Regular
Janie Elspeth Macmillan-Howell; London, England
Ishtar Bell Hunter; Hamilton, New Zealand
Marilee MacMoyle; Weaver, AL, USA, in absentia
Arthur Gordon MacMillan, Younger of MacMillan and Knap; Finlaystone, Langbank, Renfrewshire , Scotland
Barbara MacMillan; Finlaystone, Renfrewshire , Scotland
Malcolm James MacMillan; Bishopton, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Amanda MacMillan; Bishopton, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Hubert Stephen (Butch) McMillan; Madison, MS, USA

2010, Morgan Memorial Chapel, Theological Hall, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada, 27 June

Companions Honoris Causa
Harold H. MacMillan; Hawkesbury, ON, Canada

Companions Regular
Norma I. McMillan; Dutton, ON, Canada

2011, Banner Elk Presbyterian Church, Banner Elk, NC, USA, 7 July

Companions Regular
David Elvis Morris; Seymour, TN, USA
Carol Millican Morris; Seymour, TN, USA
Alexander David Brown; Greenwood, SC, USA

2012, Weyerhaeuser Memorial Chapel, Macalaster College, St. Paul, MN, USA, 24 June

Companion Regular
Maria Cristina (Cris) Comtestin de McMillen; Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America.
Proxy: Carol L. McMillin, Vicksburg, MS, USA

2014, Benbecula Church of Scotland, Griminish, Isle of Benbecula, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Companions Honoris Causa
Anne Heath Neuman; Stouffville, ON, Canada (Almoner and Bursar of CTS)

Companions Regular
Daniel K. Woodruff; Williamston, SC, USA (in absentia)
Sherilyn H. Woodruff; Williamston, SC, USA (in absentia)
Keith Wayne MacMillan; Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
Valda Jane MacMullen; Saint John, NB, Canada
Elaine Catherine MacMillan Ph.D.; St. Paul, MN, USA
Margaret Heath Taylor; Weston, ON, Canada