Clan MacMillan International

Above, MacMillan Dress 1874-2000 tartan. See more about Clan MacMillan tartan.

The Clan MacMillan International Centre is open to MacMillans (of all spellings and septs) by appointment.

Contacts. Contact the Chief or Clan Centre

Contacts at the Clan MacMillan International Centre

For general enquiries and to schedule a tour contact the Clan MacMillan International Centre by phone at 01475-540285 or email. The fax is 01475-540285.

The address of the Clan Centre is:
Clan MacMillan International Centre
Finlaystone, Langbank, Renfrewshire
PA14 6TJ, Scotland

See a Google map for Finlaystone and the Clan MacMillan International Centre.

Contact Chief George MacMillan of MacMillan and Knap

 Chief George is always pleased to hear from clan and sept members, and to meet you - by appointment - if you're able to come to Finlaystone. To make an appointment to meet Chief George please phone 01475-540285 (or fax the same number). You may also contact the Chief by email.

Write to the Chief at:
Finlaystone, Langbank, Renfrewshire
PA14 6TJ, Scotland

Contact Clan MacMillan's societies.

See a page with contacts and other information for all Clan MacMillan branches and organizations.

Contact Clan MacMillan's historian and genealogist.

Graeme M. Mackenzie, MA, (a MacMillan through his grandmother), serves as both historian and genealogist for the Clan. Contact him by phone at +44 (0)7901-764329. or email. He handles genealogy research through Highland Roots.