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See photos and video of Chief and Clan at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and related events.

25 August 2017
Clan MacMillan's participation in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo of 7 August has been recorded on the "Clan MacMillan (McMillan)" Facebook page both on video and still photos. See a YouTube video of Clan MacMillan's. See a video of Chief George participating in the salute on the The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Facebook page.

Updates to the Members' pages.

15 May 2017
There are additions to the Members' pages of this website. These include 2015 and 2016 editions of the magazine and newsletter as well as directories of the Clan MacMillan International Centre's library on the "Publications" page.

Did you receive an e-mail from 'George G. Macmillan, Chairman, Macmillan and Knap?

31 March 2017
E-messages asking for a "quick favour" (cash to tide me over a glitch in a banking transaction), have been sent out in my name as "Chairman of Clan Macmillan International". If you've received one of these appallingly illiterate messages, don't be fooled: it's NOT from me. It might be useful if you could email me that you've received it: our police people could be interested. I can promise that no future message of this kind purporting to come from me will be genuine: it's no way to treat a fellow-clansman/woman.