The May 2015 issue of Clan MacMillan International Newsletter includes the following articles:

CMSNA Gathering in Ottawa

From the Chief.

News from the Clan around the world.

Clan MacMillan, a new history.

Archaelogical dowsing in Murlaggan burial ground, pt. 2.

Community of the Tonsured Servant.

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Clan MacMillan International

2015 North American Gathering.

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Clan MacMillan International News.

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Knighthood for Scottish composer James McMillan

New book: A Brief Introduction to Clan MacMillan

Highland Roots Ancestral Tours

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There are over 200 spellings of MacMillan and numerous septs including Bell, Blue, Baxter and Millan. Clan MacMillan International’s online genealogy archive, Project MAOL contains details of over 10,000 M’millans spanning the eight centuries of the clan’s existence”