Clan MacMillan International

Clan MacMillan North Central States

Join us. Benefits of joining our branch.

We invite MacMillans (of any spelling or sept) to join our branch of Clan MacMillan International (CMI). Full membership in Clan MacMillan North Central States branch is open to all MacMillans (of whatever spelling), septs and their spouses.

Benefits to membership in Clan MacMillan North Central States include:

1. A newsletter distributed bi-annually.

2. Updates of regional and international Clan and branch news and events.

3. Access to the members-only pages of the Clan MacMillan International website.

4. Represent Clan MacMillan at our branch tents during Highland games and other events.

Your membership dues contribute to maintaining both the efforts of our branch and Clan MacMillan International ($8/year of your dues will be contributed to CMI). For 2020 the annual membership fee is $20/year for those receiving newsletters as PDFs and notices by e-mail and $24/year for those preferring printed  newsletters by mail.

Join with a printed form and check.

You may join Clan MacMillan's North Central States mailing a printed form and check download a membership form as a PDF, print, fill out and mail the printed membership form with a check made out to "Clan MacMillan" for the appropriate sum.

Join online through PayPal.

Use the link below to join using PayPal. Additionally please download and fill out a digital membership form and email it.

Annual Membership