Clan MacMillan North Central States Branch Bylaws.

Revised, 1 January 2009

These branch bylaws were drafted and approved by the officers of Clan MacMillan North Central States. They were then approved by Chief George MacMillan of MacMillan and Knap and by vote by the members of our branch. They were based on Guidelines from Chief George MacMillan.

Mission Statement

- To create awareness among MacMillans and septs (whether or not members) their history, heritage and contemporary Clan structure.

- To support efforts of our Chief, international body and Clan Centre in every way possible.

Membership Requirements

- Full membership requires either direct descent from a MacMillan (of any spelling variation) or sept, or being a spouse. Descent should be stated on the membership application form.

- Honorary membership is available to those not of MacMillan or sept descent, but aren’t eligible to hold office or vote in branch elections.

- All members are equal. There is no stratification by virtue of length of membership, size of financial donation, or name.

- Requires current payment of dues.

- Membership to the Clan MacMillan North Central States branch doesn’t automatically make one a member of any other Clan MacMillan organization. A membership to Clan MacMillan International and the Clan Centre is through that organization.

- A MacMillan (of whatever spelling or sept) is, by birth, a member of Clan MacMillan whether or not a member of any Clan MacMillan organization.


Our name implies the “north central states,” While this is non-specific about those states, its agreed among those members consulted that states included are Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Missouri.


- President
- Vice-president
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- "Conveners" for regions within jurisdiction.


- Frequency: annual elections

- Term limits: 3 years for all offices except conveners. Conveners are appointed for indefinite terms.

Election procedure:

- Nominations suggested from June through August.

- Nominations announced in September.

- Election results announced in October.

- Elections shall be by secret ballot.

- All elections will be voted on by full members of the branch by mailed ballot (as required by the Clan Centre).


- For acts of self-imposition and/or use of clan funds/resources for personal gain or anyone submitting erroneous information on membership application.

- Must be initiated by three or more officers.

- Voted on by membership by secret ballot (same procedure as for elections stated above.)

Financial Issues

- Annually post income, contributions and expenses of previous fiscal year.

- Annually post projected income/expenses for following fiscal year.

- Report above in or with January newsletter distributed to entire membership.

- Quarterly financial updates at meetings or on request. (this is now available on the "Members' Benefits" page, updated monthly.

- Annually contribute to Clan MacMillan International Centre, meeting "Conclave Challenge" figure recommended by Clan Centre.  Branch Operational Procedures

- All changes to the Branch Bylaws will be voted on by full members of the branch by mailed ballot. (As required by the Clan Centre.) - Other operational decisions will be discussed and voted on by officers and conveners.

- Branch officers and conveners each have one vote of equal value to the others. - All proposals of significance should be posted on the website for perusal by branch members and the Clan Centre.

- Comments by officers or members will be posted on the website if submitted.

- No officer can spend more than $100 of branch funds without approval by vote of a majority of branch officers.


While contributions beyond membership are accepted, they don't elevate anyone beyond the status of other members.


- We are required by Clan Centre to distribute at least one newsletter annually.

- We are required to make a list available to all members of the current membership. Members will be asked what contact information, if any, they approve of including on this list.

Branch Officers


- E-mail/mail updates

- Determine meeting times

- Oversee meetings


- Fill in for president in all capacities when absent


- Record branch finances - Annual report to Clan Centre (as stipulated in Clan bylaws)

- Take phone/email website inquiries about membership/dues (link from website)

- Member list: Clan Centre has suggested we make a complete list of members available to each other.


- Maintain list of events and corresponding dates, contacts, etc.

- Respond to website inquiries about branch games/events involvement State conveners:

- Communicate with other officers specific to their roles

- Oversee involvement with events in area

Other functions non-specific to any one office:

- Representative to local or regional multi-clan organizations.

- Store tents/materials Website - Maintain website

- Website inquiries can be directed to officers' addresses. Some topics that might be divided up among officers and members:

- Membership

- History

- Genealogy

- Newsletters/printed materials

- Design, editing

- Copywriting/article submission