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Clan MacMillan North Central States

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About Clan MacMillan North Central States.

Though no longer concentrated in Scotland, MacMillans are still a clan, sharing common ancestors, a chief and a rich heritage reaching back to the Clan's 12th century progenitor, making Clan MacMillan one of Scotland's oldest clans. Most references to "MacMillan" on this website are inclusive not only of those with this spelling but all spellings and our numerous septs.

Clan MacMillan North Central States is a branch of Clan MacMillan International (CMI), initiated in 2000 at the recommendation of our Clan Chief. Initially just Minnesota, the branch grew to include Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa and the Dakotas. Our mission is to create awareness among our clanspeople of their heritage, their Clan and other MacMillans through Highland and Celtic games, social events and those modes of communication available to us. Explore your MacMillan heritage on the CMI website's introduction to MacMillan genealogy page.

Browse the CMI website to find out more about our shared history, approaches to research your MacMillan family tree and connect with your not so distant MacMillan family.