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Clan MacMillan International

Above, MacMillan Ancient Modern tartan. See more about Clan MacMillan tartan.

President: Paul McMullen
2097 Oakadia Drive South, Clearwater, FL 34624

Secretary: Margaret McMullen Michaels
3056 Oak Creek Dr. N., Clearwater, FL 34621, USA
Ph: 831-786-5868

The Florida McMullens

The traditions of "The Descendants of James (Eli) McMullen and Mary Nancy Vick", say that their ancestor was one of three brothers who emigrated from Scotland just before the Revolution, in which James McMullen fought for the Americans. After the war he and his wife Sarah Minton settled in Georgia, where their sons William and James were born in 1782 and 1788. The McMullen brothers married sisters Lavinia and Rebecca Fain, and James was the father of seven sons, four of whom settled in Hillsborough, now Pinellas County, Florida. James's fourth son Daniel, who was born in 1825, built "a magnificent three-room log house" there at Largo, where the descendants of the seven sons held their first annual reunion on the 4th of July 1925.

Though not formally organised with a regular subscription, the Florida McMullen reunions are always amongst the biggest of annual clan events, with some 450 attending the 70th anniversary in 1995.