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Clan MacMillan International

Above, MacMillan Ancient Modern tartan. See more about Clan MacMillan tartan.

President: Kaye O'Reilly

Secretary: Myna Robertson
1/56 Fairbairn Rd Cranbourne, Victoria 3977 Australia

Treasurer: Mick McMillan
P.O. Box 350, Belgrave, Victoria 3160 Australia

Newsletter Editor: Mick McMillan

Web person: Kaye O'Reilly

Committee Member: Janice Brooks
15 Everest Drive, Cheltenham, Victoria 3192 Australia

CMI Trustee and committee member: Dr. June Danks
Apt 26, Hedley Sutton, 19 Canterbury Rd, Camberwell, Victoria 3124 Australia.

Clan MacMillan Society of Australia

Clan MacMillan Society of Australia is a branch of the Clan MacMillan International, founded in 1983. We aim to foster kinship between members of the Clan MacMillan and related septs in Australia and Tasmania.

We belong to the Scottish Clans and Associations Council Inc. (formerly The Council of Clans Australasia Inc) and Scots Victoria. Our members attend Highland games providing information to other interested attendees. The main gathering of the Society is usually in October when we have our Annual General Meeting in Melbourne. It is an opportunity to compare family trees and exchange ideas about filling the gaps.

Society members outside Melbourne may not always be able to attend, but we keep in touch through our quarterly newsletters as well as email, letters and phone calls. As the Society is a national organisation we are appreciative of any names we could contact.

If you have any questions about either our branch or Clan MacMillan in general please contact one of the officers listed in the sidebar at right.

See a list of Clan MacMillan Society of Australia newsletters that can be downloaded as PDFs.

Join us.

Membership dues for 2014 are $20 per person. Download a PDF with a membership form which can be submitted by mail.