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Above, MacMillan Ancient Old tartan. See more about Clan MacMillan tartan.

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December 2017 issue articles include:

McMullens in Clearwater FL

19th century heirs of the Dunmore family

The "terrible truths" about Angus McMillan

Portrait of a Milliken

Rear Admiral Donald Baxter MacMillan

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25 August 2017
Clan MacMillan's participation in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo of 7 August has been recorded on the "Clan MacMillan (McMillan)" Facebook page both on video and still photos. See a YouTube video of Clan MacMillan's. See a video of Chief George participating in the salute on the The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Facebook page.

Updates to the Members' pages

15 May 2017
There are additions to the Members' pages of this website. These include 2015 and 2016 editions of the magazine and newsletter as well as directories of the Clan MacMillan International Centre's library on the "Publications" page.

Did you receive an e-mail from 'George G. Macmillan, Chairman, Macmillan and Knap?

31 March 2017
E-messages asking for a "quick favour" (cash to tide me over a glitch in a banking transaction), have been sent out in my name as "Chairman of Clan Macmillan International". If you've received one of these appallingly illiterate messages, don't be fooled: it's NOT from me. It might be useful if you could email me that you've received it: our police people could be interested. I can promise that no future message of this kind purporting to come from me will be genuine: it's no way to treat a fellow-clansman/woman.

Chief George MacMillan

Edinburgh Military Tattoo update.

16 March 2017
Anyone interested in the events planned around the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo on 7 August 2017 may like to know that, at one point, the number of MacMillans who had bought Tattoo tickets topped the list (with the Mackenzies a few places behind). Unfortunately, a couple of outsiders overtook us on the home straight, but we had our moment of glory. It wasn’t an unmixed blessing, because some of those hoping to parade at the start of the performance may be disappointed owing to pressure of numbers. But we’re not despairing yet. I shan’t know the final plan till 4 July, when the Tattoo Organiser will reveal all. There are still spare places on the other two events - the trip to Knapdale on 5 August and the afternoon/evening here at Finlaystone on the 6th. If you wish further details please contact me by email. Carol Morris and Graeme Mackenzie of Highland Roots Ancestral Tours have amassed a comfortable busload of takers for their tour of Clan sites (and others) in Southwest Scotland in the previous week.

Chief George MacMillan

Clan MacMillan leads clan participants in Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

18 February 2017
As things stand, the MacMillans will be the biggest clan at the Edinburgh Tattoo. 112 MacMillans have so far bought tickets, followed by 104 Napiers, and 102 MacKenzies. Though 54 clans have signed up for the Splash of Tartan, these three are the only ones so far to have exceeded 100 ticket purchases. The average per clan works out at 37.25 tickets purchased.

Join Chief George at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on 7 August 2017.

23 September 2016
In 2017 the Edinburgh Military Tattoo is going to feature one or two clans each performance as part of its "Splash of Tartan" theme. Monday, August 7 will feature Clan MacMillan. MacMillans are invited to accompany our Chief to march into the arena where George will take a dram with the pipe major. Additional events are in the planning stages for Finlaystone, a possible coach trip to Knapdale and another to Galloway, the latter hosted by Highland Roots Ancestral Tours. As much of the planning is currently provisional, Chief George is requesting "expressions of interest". Updated details will be made available on this website as plans are firmed up. For more information download a PDF.

A new page about Clan MacMillan symbols.

21 June 2016
A new page has just been added to this website addressing Clan MacMillan's various symbols including our Chief's coat of arms, holly, the Clan's plant badge, the motto and the crest badge. See the Symbols of Clan MacMillan page.

Clan MacMillan, A New History.

Clan MacMillan, A New History

5 April 2016
Graeme Mackenzie, MA, Clan MacMillan's historian and genealogist has written Clan MacMillan, a New History, now available for sale. Content includes a fully illustrated chronological account of the Clan's history along with information about septs, symbols, tartans, heraldry and more. This is written for the general reader. Copies may be obtained at the Clan MacMillan International Centre or by post from Highland Roots in Britain. In North America order from Highland Roots USA - request a form by email.

For more information about content and pricing download a PDF.

Recent additions to this website.

22 February 2016
A new page on this site has an overview of Clan MacMillan DNA Project. and and other relevant links. This project is through FamilytreeDNA. A page listing early MacMillans has been added to the password-access Members' section of the site.

Ancestral convergences at the Clan Centre.

18 February 2016
I occasionally receive email from people who, according to Family Tree DNA, are 'cousins' of mine. In an effort to discover our shared relative they list possible surnames in the hope that one of them will ring a bell with me. That rarely happens. Only genealogical addicts (of whom I'm not one) can name many of their fourth cousins, I believe.

Recently, however, this practice gave rise to a surprising co-incidence. A professor from Cedarville OH had just written to ask where he might seek permission to digitize the Journals of Martha Murdoch McMillan. Their interest lies in the fact that they cover forty years without intermission, beginning, if I'm not mistaken, in the late 1860s. Martha, he said, was related closely to Hugh M., who, with his wife Jane (born Harvey) settled in Ohio in the 18th century.

Graeme told me that we have a family tree of the descendants of Hugh and Jane in the Clan Centre.  I couldn't recall having known any member of that family. So I told the professor that I was sure no one would object to his project.

My e-mail was scarcely space-borne when I read an inquiry from a stranger forwarded to me by a MacMillan, who hoped the Clan Centre could help. It was all about the descendants of Hugh and Jane, from whom this previously unknown MacMillan was himself descended.

I'm afraid the Clan Centre couldn't help the inquiring stranger; but the MacMillan and the professor are now in amicable contact.

George MacMillan.